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5 out of 5 stars

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PCE Exam Prep Made Easy

How do you feel about having all the critical content for the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) organized in one place?  How about studying in a system that actually prepares you for the PCE exam environment? Sound too good to be true?  Well it’s not. EPE has literally taken all the key PCE exam prep content from your course material (yes, all of it) and organized it into notes, flash cards, instructional videos, sample questions and mock exams. Oh, and forget the textbook, EPE is completely online, the first PCE study tool to be entirely digital, ensuring you’ll prepare for the PCE the same way you’ll take the PCE, and you can save your paper for origami.

PCE Exam Prep Tool that is Built with Purpose

EPE is based online, because the PCE is online.  What’s even more important is EPE was designed using memory, testing, and recall research, giving our members that little extra they’ll need to succeed come exam day.   The content, structure, formatting and versatility were all created deliberately to ensure you are ready for the PCE. Here’s some of our favourite features:

  • Completely online and compatible across all devices so you can study whenever, wherever
  • Competencies are divided into disciplines, regions and conditions to maximize study efficiency
  • Automatic study bookmark; never loose your place and jump back into study mode with our ‘Resume’ button
  • Take personal study notes on any page to review later using our “sticky note” function
  • Hundreds of physical therapy technique videos
  • 5 and 10 minute practical exam mock stations, complete with patient instructions, examiner instructions, scoring matrix, and station timer
  • Videos of candidates completing practical exam stations with real time feedback
  • Built in glossary of terms for quick reference
  • Exam caliber PCE sample questions placed throughout the course content
  • Push yourself with timed PCE mock exams that have been designed to mimic the same content and question styles you’ll find on the actual PCE!
Bottom line? With EPE you not only review PCE competencies, you study with purpose to prepare for the exam environment. Study to that actually prepares you for the PCE, no expensive prep course required!
Don’t believe us? Check out our free trial.

Are You Ready for the PCE? Find out!

Take our timed mini-PCE exam and get an idea of where you’re at.  Find out how well you know your material and if you can answer questions fast enough to complete the actual PCE.

Mock Exams for the Written and the Practical

Practicing the exam experience helps you identify weaknesses, deal with anxiety, and gain confidence in your abilities. EPE includes mock exams for both the written and practical sections of the PCE, so you can be ready for anything.

Written Mock Exam…

Test your knowledge and simulate exam pressure.  EPE allows you two hours to complete 100 multiple choice question which means our mock exam allocates the same amount of time per question as the national competency exam. The pressures you’ll feel on our mock exam is as close as you’ll get to the real thing!  Plus, for each question you answer we include a detailed explanation to help you understand more about the questions you struggle with.

Practical Mock Exam…

Small study groups can take turns as the candidate, patient, and examiner so you can experience what it’s like to have someone marking you in real time. We provide detailed patient instructions, an examiner marking scheme, key components to pass the station, and common candidate mistakes.

Studying That Works for You

All your course material is compatible with all your devices, so you can study exactly when you want, where you want, how you want.

Track Your Progress

EPE tracks your progress so you can study in any order you choose and still be sure to cover everything.

  • Track your progress through each course
  • Easily switch between courses without losing your place
  • Bookmark where you left off
  • Take notes on every page
  • Mark lessons complete when you’ve nailed it

Prepare for the PCE the Right Way

Choose the study package that’s right for you.

Practical Membership

  • Practical Online Prep Course
  • Practical Scenario Videos
  • Practical Video Technique Library
  • Online Member Forum

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Unlimited Membership

EPE Unlimited Membership
  • 30+ Online Courses
  • Practice Exams
  • Practical Video Technique Library
  • and much more!

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Written Membership

  • 20+ Online Courses
  • Practice Exams
  • Online Member Forums
  • and more!

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