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Navigate review sections for either the written OR the practical components of the PCE exam. EPE is the first and only study tool that allows you study for BOTH exams.   Using research supported study methods, our written and practical review sections consists of individual courses conveniently organized into easy to follow modules. After completing modules, challenge the lesson exams to verify your understanding.

Looking for an edge? The EPE advantage is that our workbook is a living document!  As new information about the PCE becomes available, we’ll send you notifications with updates, tips and hints to help you prepare for your exams. 

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EPE has a study method for everyone.  Whether your goal is to review every section one-by-one or pick and choose as you need, the EPE review guide can be accessed by chronology, topic, keyword search, or by PCE exam format.

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Didn’t finish a topic before heading out to class?  Not a problem.  With EPE’s mobility and breadcrumb functions, you can log off from your home computer and pick up where you left off from your phone on the go.

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Go on, be competitive. With EPE points system you’ll earn badge points as you progress through your studies.

As you earn them you can show them off on your wall of fame and visit other friends to compare your achievements to theirs.

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Once you have finished your studying, consolidate your understanding with practice exams from our massive question bank designed before challenging the PCE exam.

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EPE recognizes that studying with others is a great way to stay on tract, discover your strengths and weaknesses, all while having a little bit of fun. At EPE we don’t see why working online should be any exception.  For this reason, EPE comes complete with an online social networking community so you can study right alongside your peers. 

Create, join and study online in groups.  Work with friends through modules, post comments, and even create documents to share and edit.  Whether you’re nestled on the couch or travelling home for the weekend, you can now study with your future colleagues as if you’re all together in the same room!

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Make myepe.ca your very own.  We want everyone in our community to be themselves with a customizable profile page.  Edit your profile to your liking, post an image, create your own background and even choose a nickname.  Who says studying can’t be fun!

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