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5 out of 5 stars

Studying that actually prepares you for the exam

EPE is an interactive and convenient study tool that organizes the entire physiotherapy curriculum into mobile course notes, flash cards, and practice questions. How you see things in EPE are how they will be presented on the exam, so not only are you reviewing the material, you’re preparing for the test environment. Content has been carefully formatted and weighted the same as your exam, and questions apply the content to actually patient scenarios. This means that as you study with EPE, what you learn and how you are tested actually prepares you for the PCE.

Study for the Written Exam...

We’ve organized your course material for you:

  • Content divided into disciplines, conditions, and regions
  • Bookmark pages to easily switch between courses and not loose your place
  • Track your study progress and mark sections complete
  • Built in flash cards to test your recall
  • Questions throughout the course content to test your learning
  • Timed mock exam with representative content and questions to the actual PCE

Our online, self-paced content is organized in a way to maximize efficiency when preparing for the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE).  Prepare for the Written PCE with summarized, robust content including pertinent information from multiple physiotherapy disciplines, online mock exams, stunning visuals, and more!

PCE Written Exam prep
PCE Written Exam prep

...or the Practical Exam

  • Mock exam scenarios with marking schemes and common candidate mistakes
  • Videos of candidates completing a mock station in real time with correct and incorrect actions identified
  • Large video library of special tests and practical techniques for all disciplines

Are You Ready for the PCE? Find out!

Take our timed mini exam to get an idea of where you’re at, and if you are answering questions fast enough to complete the PCE.

Mock Exams for the Written and the Practical

Practicing the exam experience helps you identify weakness, deal with anxiety, and gain confidence in your abilities. EPE includes mock exams for the written and practical, so you can gain the most from your studying.

Written Mock Exam…

100 multiple choice questions to test your knowledge and simulate exam pressures.  You will have two hours to complete this exam, the same time per question allocation as your competency exam. Plus we have included detailed explanations to what you got wrong (and right).

Practical Mock Exam…

Small study groups can take turns as the candidate, patient, and examiner so you can experience what it’s like to have someone marking you in real time. We provide detailed patient instructions, an examiner marking scheme, key components to pass the station, and common candidate mistakes.

Studying that works for you

All your course material compatible with all your devices. So you can study exactly when you want, where you want, how you want.

Track your progress

EPE tracks your progress so you can study in any order you choose and still be sure to cover everything.

  • track your progress through each course
  • easily switch between courses without loosing your place
  • bookmark where you left off
  • take notes on every page
  • mark lessons complete when you’ve nailed it

Prepare for the PCE the Right Way

Choose the study package that’s right for you.

Practical Membership

  • Practical Online Prep Course
  • Practical Scenario Videos
  • Practical Video Technique Library
  • Online Member Forum

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Unlimited Membership

EPE Unlimited Membership
  • 30+ Online Courses
  • Practice Exams
  • Practical Video Technique Library
  • and much more!

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Written Membership

  • 20+ Online Courses
  • Practice Exams
  • Online Member Forums
  • and more!

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