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Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Why is MYEPE completely online?

MYEPE is online because your exam is online.  The PCE’s multiple choice exam is done by computer and research tells us that you should practice for a test the same way you will take a test.  Besides, this way you can study anytime, anywhere. It’s like having a complete physio handbook right in your pocket!

When should I start preparing for the PCE?

Well, it depends.  We suggest you start preparing at least 11-12 weeks before the written exam and 7-8 weeks before the practical. Everybody has different needs so we made sure memberships are open long enough to cover everyone. MYEPE also offers a rock-solid study schedule to make sure you cover everything in time for the exam.

Will MYEPE help me find my weak areas?

Yes. MYEPE incorporates a ‘Where are you at’ quiz, end of lecture recall quizzes, several mini-mock exams and a full-blown mock exams.  Each test provides various levels of feedback so that you understand where you’re strong and where you need to improve.  MYEPE also keeps track of the courses and lessons you’ve completed so you’ll know exactly what you’ve covered and what you haven’t.

How can you offer MYEPE so cheap?

Great question!  MYEPE is online, so it doesn’t have the costs of printing and distributing like a book.  Also, there aren’t the costs of renting a venue or paying for live instructors to teach, sleep, eat and travel.  Videos take time and effort to make but once they are done they can be shared over and over again unlike a webinar format. It just seems more reasonable this way… and hey, we were students once too;  we know you already have enough bills to pay!

Am I completely alone when I study or is there support?

You’re never alone!  MYEPE has both an IT team and a number of content experts to help answer any questions you have.

What kinds of mock questions can I find on MYEPE?

MYEPE strategically uses three different question formats. Quick recall questions are used at the end of lectures to boost retention into long term memory. Scenario and Vignette-style questions are used in  the mini-mock exams, the full-mock exams and the Practical review sections since these will be exactly the types of questions you’ll see on the PCE.

How do we know MYEPE is representative of the exam?

There are a number of ways we ensure MYEPE content is accurate, meaningful and up-to-date for the PCE:

  • MYEPE regularly reviews the content and question formats for the PCE that are outlined on the Canadian Physiotherapy Alliance website.
  • All content contributors for MYEPE have personal experience taking the Canadian PCE.
  • MYEPE content is created and updated by highly regarded and noteworthy physiotherapists who are leaders in the profession.  This group includes 4 Founders, 9 University Lecturers, 7 Clinical Experts, and a number of standout young graduates (<5 years since graduating).
  • MYEPE regularly engages graduates for feedback about the MYEPE program to ensure it is always relevant, cutting edge and up-to-date.
  • Because MYEPE is digital, we have the ability to make immediate changes to the content and inform our members about new developments as soon as they become available.

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London, ON

I just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else that was involved in creating the EPE study tool. I was able to tell that you all put a ton of time into it and it was a huge help. I recently received my written exam marks back and am very happy with all of my scores. All I needed to pass was to be in line with the average scores but the EPE study tool helped me achieve much better than that. I also felt like cardiorespiratory was my worst area in school and it turned out to be one of the sections that I scored the highest on. I credit the EPE study tool for this. I’ll be looking forward to using it again to prepare for the practical exam this November! In the mean time, if you happen to chat with the others who created the EPE tool please pass along my gratitude!


Regina, SK

Before I found EPE, I was lost in a sea of information. I felt very overwhelmed with two years worth of material from my program to review. It is my “life raft”; It helps to keep me centered and focused when studying for this stressful exam. What I love even more?! It was created my Canadian Physical Therapists, who have created a very detailed, and straight forward educational platform. Since they have created a new support system “my tickets”, the EPE team is very efficient in answering any questions that I have. I wish I had this web site when I was in school!


London, ON

Entry to Practice Essentials was comprehensive and covered all the important areas of physiotherapy practice that I needed to study for the PCE. It was clear, easy to follow with explanations, examples, and videos on each topic to help guide learning and review. I would recommend EPE to anyone looking to pass the Canadian PCE!


London, ON

A comprehensive review that compliments the entry-level knowledge base of any new PT graduate.
From anatomy and pathology to assessment and treatments, this program gives a user friendly and organized review that aligns with the material covered on the PCE – providing you with all the information you need to be successful on the PCE in one convenient place.

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