The MyEPE Story

"We love being physiotherapists. We want to get you off to a good start, so you can enjoy this profession as much as we do."
We at MyEPE are passionate physiotherapists who are always looking for new ways to serve our colleagues and our profession.

MyEPE was launched in 2015 to create an education platform with the purpose of assisting our future colleagues to successfully challenge the physiotherapy national competency exams.

Physiotherapy students and residents have an immense challenge in covering a substantial amount of material in a short time. Exam preparation can cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.

We decided that a way to give back to our profession was to create a new and innovative (CANADIAN) study guide that is designed for today's students. The study needs of the modern student have evolved and we felt that it was time that a comprehensive resource evolved with them!

Our Roots

Our company literally began on the back of a cocktail napkin.  As many of our more memorable meetings go, two of our founders were enjoying a pint and brainstorming ways to make their lives, and the lives of physiotherapists everywhere, simpler. As with all regulated professions, physiotherapy has mandatory requirements and standards for practice.  They thought “wouldn’t it be nice to have one common entity to make those essentials easier to navigate and maintain?”  It wasn’t until the next day, when the cobwebs cleared, they looked at their cocktail napkin full of ideas and realized they were onto something. And so it was with that cocktail napkin, Sinequanon was born.Sine qua non, meaning “absolutely indispensable or essential",  embodies the companies purpose and puts into words our goal to become an essential part of physiotherapists’ professional growth.
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Our Vision

Entry to Practice Essentials – a subset of Sinequanon - was created to get physiotherapists completing their competency exams successfully, and starting their careers in a positive direction.  When we took our competency exams, no study tools existed, which made it quite difficult to prepare.  MyEPE is designed to help organize your thoughts, sort through the material, and apply your knowledge to practical scenarios.  After three years, multiple versions, countless late nights, LOTS of coffee, and help from so many of our brilliant colleagues and friends, we are proud of what MyEPE is today.

Our Values

We love being physiotherapists and we know you will too.  It's a fulfilling profession that not only gives you a lot, but makes it easy to want to give back. This is why we build MyEPE.  It's also why you can find all of us actively volunteering, speaking at conferences, sitting on executive boards, mentoring students and helping evolve and promote the profession.  We believe in the importance of the physiotherapy profession and really strive to ensure that physiotherapy remains an integral part of both Canadian and world health care. Part of ensuring that future starts with our students and soon-to-be colleagues.
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