Ontario Clinical Exam - Free Mock Exam

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What's included
  • 'Part 1' Case Studies
  • 'Part 2' Case Studies
  • Timed Exam: 115 Minutes to complete 
  • Instant Scoring & Feedback
  • Mulitple Attempts - So you can Learn and Improve!
OCE Exam "Trial" - Course overview
Try before you buy!

Here, you'll have a chance to trail a mini-version of the mock OCE examinations we've created to build your confidence leading up to your exam.

Specifically, we've created custom mock exams that directly mimics all the scenarios, questions and vignette-styled layouts you'll find on the actual Ontario OCE.

Just like the real exam, we have included case studies for 'Part 1' and 'Part 2'; however, we have TRIPLED the case studies in 'Part 1' to get you as ready as possible for your exam. Each question is timed just like the OCE to simulate how you should approach each scenario. Once you've completed your exam, you'll have the chance to access feedback and compare your own answers.

Go ahead, take the trial. When you're ready,  choose from the several different full-versions of these exams we have available on MyEPE (Titled: A, B and C). If you like, you can even choose a bundle and get all 3 mock exams while saving over $30.00!

Why do I need this before the PCE?

  • Test your Knowledge
  • See vignette style questions
  • Learn where to improve
  • Practice under pressure
  • Mimic the test - be ready!

Just like the OCE 

Nothing can prepare you for the pressures of the OCE better than a test that specifically matches the OCE.  Here you'll find a timed exam with Vignette question exactly as you'll encounter on the OCE.

Feedback included

One you submit each question, you'll have the chance to review feedback. This way you'll know where you need to improve and gain tips on what to include next time!
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