Canadian PCE Written Mock Exam (A)

  • 75 Questions
  • Timed Test: 75 MIN 
  • Score 80% to Pass
  • Answer Explanations
  • Up to 2 Attempts
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What's included?

  • Test your Knowledge
  • See vignette style questions
  • Learn where to improve
  • Practice under pressure
  • Mimic the test - be ready!

Just like the PCE 

Nothing can prepare you for the pressures of the PCE better than a test that specifically matches the PCE.  Here you'll find a timed exam with Vignette question exactly as you'll encounter on the PCE.

Results and feedback included

 One you submit your exam it'll be scored and you'll have the chance to review feedback about each question. This way you'll know where you need to improve!
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