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Pass the PCE and OCE.

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The most comprehensive and affordable tool you'll find for all aspects of the
Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam and Ontario Clinical Exam.
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"A comprehensive review that compliments the entry-level knowledge base of any new PT graduate."
"Very stressful test.  From India and scared from this test.  Passed, very good marks.  You have my appreciation and am greateful." 
Imran - Multan, Pakistan
"I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that was involved in creating the MyEPE study tool, I was able to tell that you all put a ton of time into it and it was a huge help."
Kyle M. - Thunder Bay, Canada
"This was my second time trying to pass the written exam.  You helped me so much more that the other course I took (for $2000!!!!)  Wish I had found you guys early - but hey, I passed!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"
PRITIKA - Ayodhya, India
"Before I found MyEPE, I was lost in a sea of information. I felt very overwhelmed with two years worth of material from my program to review. It really was my "life raft"; it helped keep me centered and focused on studying for this stressful exam."
Robynne - Regina, Canada
"MyEPE team:  I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support these past few months. I was nervous going into the exam but 5 minutes in everything just clicked!  Thank you!"
Kate - Kingston, Canada
"EPE covered all the important areas of physiotherapy practice that I needed to study for the PCE. It was clear, easy to follow. I would recommend EPE to anyone looking to pass the Canadian PCE!"
KENDY - Calgary, Canada
"Hi, I could not travel for live courses. Thank you for making this site. Used it a lot, Very good practice test.  Thank you." 
Sandeep - Pune, India
"I'm writing to let you know I passed on my first try. Thank you for giving all the good exams." 
Shweta - Maharashtra, India
"Having all the different study areas broken down was really nice and made it easy to compartmentalize my studying"
Fiona - Kerry, Ireland
"Your program was recommended by another classmate who use it to pass the PCE last year.  I'm super thankful he suggested it.  I like learning at my own pace so your program was ideal and it didn't cost an arm and a leg - thanks for that!"
Keith - Hamilton, Canada
"The exams you created were just like the questions on my PCE. (I actually kinda smiled when I started reading questions during my test)"  
William - Chelsea, England
"Pass my test. Deepest appreciations for all your help.  I am now officially a physiotherapist in Canada."
Cheng - Nanjing, China
"Being new to Canada I highly recommend this course because it was easy to follow, grouped material in manageable sizes, had more than enough practice exams and highlighted where I should focus my time." 
Darius - Suez, Egypt
"I wanted to say thank you to the MyEPE team.  Clearly a lot of time and effort went into this program and I'm just really impressed that you guys do it over and above your careers. It is definitely a tribute to helping your profession."
Cindy - Ottawa, Canada
"You guys were recommended by one of my teachers of western and after two years of being slammed with information this helped me organize my notes and focus my studying.  Also, the exams did a great job helping me focus on where I was weakest..."
Dan - London, Canada
"Not sure who will receive this but I just wanted to let you now I passed my exams!!! WOOHOO!  Anyway, I also wanted to say thank you for creating such a good study guide (not sure I would have passed without it). Thank you again."
Megan - London, Canada
"...wish I found you guys the first time.  Your program was so much simpler than the other one.  I thought I needed the one-on-one hand holding and lectures, but I think they made me over confident. Your program was more straightforward... and now I'm a physio..."
Mark - Sarnia, Canada
"The EPE team were really generous with their time and helping me pass the written exam.  This was my second try and EPE was way more helpful than then the other institute"
Amir - Toronto, Canada
"Just wanted to let you know I passed my exam and my scores were actually amazing"
Blair - Glasgow, Scotland
"I liked the fact I could study anywhere.  The information was well categorized and it was nice having a study schedule and literally spoon-fed me what do each and every day leading up to the exam"
Karen - Edmonton, Canada

Join Hundreds Who Have Passed with MyEPE

MyEPE Free

MyEPE is now sponsored by physiotherapists and business throughout Canada.  They pay the bills, you study for free. Physio's helping physio's - what a beautiful thing!  

Made in Canada

We’re Canadian. Just like you, we’ve taken the PCE. It’s not just another exam and we get that!

Studying that works for you

The MyEPE platform has been trusted for years by currently registered physiotherapists who were once candidates much like yourself!

Online Only. Before it was cool.

MyEPE was the first Canadian study tool for the PCE. It's completely online and compatible with all your devices, so you can study exactly when you want, where you want, how you want.

Content Review and Mock Exams - All in one place. 

Study as much or as little as you need to, then test yourself with custom, tailor-made mock exams that are just like the real thing.

Physiotherapy Accreditation has changed - and so has MyEPE! 

Testing in Canada has recently changed - we've made all the updates you need to crush this exam. 

Our Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MyEPE completely online?

MyEPE is online because your written exam is taken online. The PCE’s multiple choice exam is done by computer and research tells us that you should practice for a test the same way you will take it. Besides, being online means you can study anytime, anywhere. It’s like having a complete physio handbook right in your pocket!

When should I start preparing for the PCE?

Well, it depends. We suggest you start preparing at least 11-12 weeks before the written exam. Everybody has different needs so we made sure memberships are open long enough to cover everyone. MyEPE also offers a regimented study schedule to ensure you cover everything in time for the exam.

How can you offer MyEPE so cheap?

Great question! MyEPE is online, so it doesn’t have the costs of printing and distributing like a book.  Also, there aren’t the costs of renting a venue or paying for live instructors to teach, sleep, eat and travel. Videos take time and effort to make but, once they are done they can be shared over and over again unlike a webinar format. It's more reasonable this way. We were students once too, we know you already have enough bills to pay!

My Entry to Practice Essentials (MyEPE)
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