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Quality PCE Sample Questions: Comparing apples to apples

If you are gearing up to take the PCE, it is absolutely critical that you use high caliber PCE exam sample questions and mock exams to study.  I can’t emphasize this enough. In our blog Three Important PCE Exam Prep Study Tips, I discuss how to practice the PCE exam experience and why this improves your chances of success. To achieve this, you need to be practicing with PCE sample questions written in the same style as the actual PCE, you need to compare apples to apples.

There are major differences in the types and quality of practice questions. Some PCE sample questions will help prepare you for the exam experience, and others can do more harm than good. 

Your PCE exam will be a combination of vignette-style questions (~90% of PCE) and short scenario-style questions (~10% of PCE).

  • Vignette-style questions are 2-10 questions linked to one common case. High quality, in-depth vignettes are difficult to find.
  • Scenario-style questions are based on their own unique mini-case.  These are a close second to vignettes, and are a bit more common as a study resource. 
  • Recall-style questions are the simplest form of questions, requiring straight recall of a fact or feature. Recall questions are the easiest to write, and by default, this makes them more plentiful, but they are also the weakest resource as a study tool.  They are not representative of the exam’s content and will not help you translate knowledge to practice.

Not surprisingly, the best resources are also the hardest to come by. Do not rely solely on recall-style questions for your PCE exam sample questions, as this could actually be detrimental to your studying. They do not help you translate the knowledge to practice. 

Using mock exams and practice questions written in vignette and scenario styles are the most beneficial for practicing the exam experience. We know this, and we have intentionally designed EPE to be completely representative of the exam.

You won’t find a single recall-style question in our EPE mock exams! We have put in the time and effort to incorporate quality vignette-style questions for all our mock exams and quizzes.

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If I haven’t convinced you yet on the importance of using quality PCE exam sample questions to prepare for the PCE, check out the sample questions provided by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR). The CAPR is the regulatory body that creates and scores your licensing exam, so these sample questions are a direct example of what you will experience on the actual PCE. If your practice questions to this standard, you will be adequately prepared for the PCE exam experience. 

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