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Where to find Quality PCE Mock Exams

If you are currently preparing for the PCE, you should know how valuable mock exams are for studying. I can guarantee this  because I’ve been there. In previous blogs I have already covered why you should be using PCE mock exams and how to evaluate the quality of mock exam resources.  The concern now isn’t so much whether you should be using PCE mock exams to study, but where you can find them? 

When looking for PCE mock exams, I suggest first taking our free Where Are You At Quiz, a timed 30-question PCE mock exam. You should challenging this mock exam at two points in your study plan, first at the beginning of your journey, then once more two weeks before you’re written PCE exam. Initially this will give you a sense of your baseline knowledge for each of the PCE content categories, and help you decide how to allocate your time studying. Taking it again two weeks before you write the PCE will quantify the progress you have made, and identify your weakest content categories so you can focus your attention during your final days of preparation.

  1. EPE Full Mock Exam: This 200-question timed mock exam is as close as you can get to the real deal. You have exactly 4 hours to complete this digital exam, the same amount of time you will get for your actual PCE.  The questions are a mix of vignette and scenario-style questions, with over half the questions being vignette-style. This is the only verified product available that has true vignette-style questions outside the CAPR. You will also be given the correct answers to each of the questions with a detailed explanation for each question. Check it out here.
  1. EPE Mini PCE Practice Exam #1: Test out the exam experience early with this 40-question mini mock exam. You’ll have exactly 48 minutes to complete the exam, the same time as allocated for each question allocation on the PCE. You will receive feedback as to how you scored overall on the exam, and which questions you answered correctly. 
  1. EPE Mini PCE Practice Exam #2 – Same experience as Mini Practice Exam #1, but entirely different questions. Do both and you will get a great variety of exposure to PCE quality exam questions. 
  1. EPE Unlimited. This package option offers a full 200-question timed mock exam with a mix of vignette and scenario-style questions, as well as mini exams after various lessons to test your understanding and recall. Every question you see in EPE will be either a vignette-style or complex scenario-style question, timed as it would be on the actual PCE. Mock exam questions come complete with detailed explanations for each answer. The practical section of the EPE site also includes mock exam stations complete with an examiner checklist, mock-patient instructions, and timing so you can practice for the exam experience. Get access to everything we have here

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